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When You Give Your Clients A Free Espresso or Latte, You Both Win!

What does Free Espresso have to do with the Law Of Reciprocity?  If you have not heard of this law, you are missing out on something very powerful and used by many of the top marketing and sales people.

We recently came across the Law of Reciprocity and what a powerful yet simple concept of when you give someone something they will feel obligated to provide you something in return.  For example, your clients come to your executive office suite, office space or virtual office and you offer them a free hot great tasting espresso or latte, the rule says, they will thank you and will feel obligated to provide you something in return.  It most cases it will be a referral, and we all know clients refer like-minded people (the golden ticket)!  So the chain of referrals starts from the offer of a free espresso.

Free Espresso

We thought WOW, how can we do this for our clients and help them grow their businesses?

So we are proud to announce our new Jura Super Model Espresso Machine! The reviews of this espresso machine are amazing! Our experience in our insurance agency is that clients indeed love the offer and provide us lots of referrals. The Jura Espresso Machine is available for FREE to all our tenants and their clients, and the best part is we will keep it filled up!  So when clients arrive, in less than one minute you can offer them an amazing tasting Espresso or Latte, and start the process of Reciprocity!  You may also let your client be part of the process and hit the button to make the espresso, as it puts a BIG smile on their face!  Remember, no one has ever offered them something like this!

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